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I´m a producer of electronic music, a mix of analogue and digital sounds: one computer for sampling, sequencing and fx, a second one for fx only. Between them are some hardware–synthesizer. The style is different, some things for dance, some things for chill .. and between – however I feel like.
You can download most tracks included in recently 28 compilations for free. All songs are recorded live@home.
Currently 153/258 tracks, 4 longer acts and 18 videos (on youtube) online.
For commercial usage of my songs you can purchase a license at jamendo.com (if the song you like is not listed there, just send me an email). Further information about re–using can be read through the creative–commons–link at the bottom.

newest uploads:


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Bonus contains lonely tracks and will always be updated. Sessions are older 30–60min. acts.
I had some problems with ground–loops and overdrives during production, the problems are solved and I will start to re–record some
songs, if I find time. I put them to the bonus–section.

!! To keep my webspace on lower ressource, I replace the lossless with compressed files after a while !!


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